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Discover the beautiful island of Syros

The Greek island of Syros

Always busy and cosmopolitan, Syros island, the capital of Cyclades, is full of impressive mansions, old churches, cool gardens and picturesque traditional settlements. Due to natural beauty, but also the small distance from Piraeus, Syros attracts tourists during both winter and summertime.

It combines commercial history of many centuries and offers a lot of choices to the experienced traveller, that wishes to combine activities along with entertainment in a beautiful place, which never loses the traditional colours and style.

Hermoupolis, the capital of island, that is also the administrative centre of Cyclades since 1835, assembles all the cultural life, with the Town Hall square, Neorio, the Ship Yards and the Custom, the Faculty of Commercial Navy, but also the museums, the exhibition and congress spaces, the cinemas, the theatres, the cultural centres and the historical monuments.

Boutique Hotel Ploes

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Syros, Greece

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